It can ruin everything: three mistakes many people make when getting eyelash extensions

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It is worth choosing a professional nail technician
It is worth choosing a professional nail technician

Eyelash extensions are a fairly common service. Although not as common as manicures, many people still like to beautify their eyes. The end result depends on several factors. First of all, it is the choice of the master and the materials they use. In this area, many newcomers who have completed courses are looking for their first clients and have insufficient experience.

It's not hard to recognize an unprofessional master: they usually set a low price, work for a long time, and have a small portfolio or show photos from the web. The experience of working with novice masters can result in eye burns or allergies. OBOZREVATEL talks about the mistakes you shouldn't make when getting eyelash extensions.

Do not open your eyes during the procedure

Do not open your eyes during the procedure. Often, women reflexively open their eyes without warning the nail technician. This is considered a gross mistake as glue or degreaser can get on the mucous membrane. These materials are very toxic, causing burns or allergies.

If you need to open your eyes, you should warn the nail technician so that he or she stops the work and removes the tweezers and excess glue from the mucous membrane.

It is a dangerous procedure

Do not wear makeup before the procedure. Avoid applying foundation or concealer. Eyes should be clean without any cosmetics so that the technician does not have to waste time, it is better to think about it in advance.

During eyelash extensions, the technician places patches to isolate the lower eyelashes and tapes the upper eyelid. Thus, the presence of cosmetics will interfere with this.

During the extension process, some masters do not do an allergy test for new clients. Many people can have an allergic reaction to foreign substances in the eye. Most often, it is an allergy to the glue used in the process. To keep your eyes healthy, you should make sure that the nail technician uses hypoallergenic glue.

If you develop an allergy after the extension or feel any other discomfort, you should immediately contact the lash technician to have the eyelashes removed.

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