The EU has changed its mind about the new Euro 7 eco-standard: strict rules for cars will be rewritten

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When will the EU introduce the new Euro 7 eco-standard?
When will the EU introduce the new Euro 7 eco-standard?

The European Union (EU) has reconsidered the introduction of a new environmental standard for cars, Euro 7, in its original version. The requirements are likely to be relaxed. Moreover, the timing of the transition to the new fuel rules is also being postponed.

Thus, the European Parliament has joined the EU Council in adopting a weakened version of the Euro 7 rules. Now both EU bodies will discuss the final text with the European Commission, as reported by Ukravtoprom.

Earlier, it was expected that the transition to Euro 7 for passenger cars would take place in 2025, but now the introduction is postponed to around 2026. For trucks and buses, the implementation date remains unchanged - mid-2027.

The new version of the Euro 7 rules essentially retains the Euro 6 limits but also includes, for the first time, restrictions on emissions of particulate matter from brakes and tires. Previously, the EU planned that the new standard would significantly reduce overall nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from cars and vans, in particular:

  • by 35% compared to Euro 6 for passenger cars;
  • by 56% compared to Euro 6 for buses and trucks.

At the same time, some European car manufacturers believe that the EU authorities should focus on investing in the production of electric vehicles. After all, in the European Union, a deadline has already been set after which the sale of new gasoline and diesel cars will cease - in 2035.

However, the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA) nevertheless stated that it makes sense to consider the issue of brake and tire emissions using the Euro 7 standard, as they are also relevant for electric vehicles and will be the main source of emissions from roads in the future. However, they noted that the technical feasibility of the new targets still needs to be ensured.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, Ukraine has also been developing restrictions for ICE cars. Back in 2021, the government drafted a bill to ban the importation and sale of used and new gasoline and diesel cars in Ukraine. However, the issue never went beyond the draft.

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