How to lift your face with blush: a life hack for mature skin

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Makeup hacks for women over 40. Source: freepik.com

With age, not only our experience and inner world change but also our appearance. There's nothing wrong with that, but women should take this into account when applying makeup.

The right technique for applying cosmetics can either lift the face or make it look droopy. Makeup artist Mia Hawkswell, who has worked with Pamela Anderson and Rose Byrne, spoke about the most common mistake when applying blush.

As we age, our skin loses elasticity, and wrinkles and other signs of aging appear. Makeup can be a great way to correct these changes, helping to maintain youthfulness.

Properly applied blush can create the illusion of a lifted face, giving it a fresh and healthy glow. However, if you make a mistake, you can not emphasize your beauty, but rather add age to yourself.

Hoxwell creates beauty content aimed at women over 40. She shows that the usual methods of applying cosmetics stop working with age, so you need to use other strategies.

How to lift your face with blush

According to the makeup artist, the classic blush application technique, when the product is placed on the apples of the cheeks, creates the illusion of a droopy face on mature women.

How to lift your face with blush: a life hack for mature skin

So instead of doing everything as usual, apply it almost under the eyes, namely on the top of the cheekbones. After that, blend the blush up to the temples.

The makeup artist recommends doing the same with contouring. That is, do not apply it in the form of a descending line from the ear to the center of the cheek but draw a very small shadow a little higher. This way, the makeup will visually pull the facial features up, not down.

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