How to grow very juicy cucumbers: secrets of summer residents

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What could be better than enjoying fragrant, delicious cucumbers picked from your own garden? However, growing a high-quality crop is sometimes difficult. Cucumbers are rather finicky vegetables that require special care.

These vegetables require certain conditions for growth and development. OBOZ.UA has collected the most effective tips for growing cucumbers.

Where to plant cucumbers

The right place for planting is the key to a quality harvest. Cucumbers grow well in sunny beds protected from winds and drafts. The soil should be enriched with nutrients and well-drained.

Cucumbers like loose soil, so dig the garden thoroughly and apply organic fertilizer before planting. You can add a little sand to improve drainage.

Cucumbers are heat-loving crops that do not tolerate nighttime temperature drops in spring. You can grow them in a greenhouse or use a cover in the form of a film or agro fiber.

How to water cucumbers

During the flowering and fruiting period, and especially during the heat of summer, vegetables need more frequent watering. However, the water should not stagnate in the garden – excessive moisture can lead to root rot and fungal spores.

Pruning and fertilizing

Pruning side shoots and excess leaves will stimulate plant growth and development. Cucumbers should be regularly fertilized with organic or mineral fertilizers. In the first phase of growth, plants need nitrogen – a fertilizer based on liquid compost will be useful.

Fill a barrel with green herbs, cover with water, and leave to steep for 7-10 days. The concentrate formed during the fermentation process should be diluted in the proportion of 1 liter of fertilizer per bucket of water.

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