History of Ukraine and "Defense of Ukraine" will be taught in a new way: what awaits students from September 2024

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The Ministry of Education and Science is changing the program of teaching the subject "Defense of Ukraine"

Schools will update their curricula starting in September 2024. These changes are due to Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine. In particular, the lessons on the subject "Defense of Ukraine" will be strengthened and textbooks on the history of Ukraine will be supplemented.

The transformation was announced by the Ministry of Education and Science. It notes that these subjects take on a new meaning in times of war.

"This is not abstract knowledge, but very specific skills that students see the need for every day. These are the ability to behave in critical situations, basic first aid skills, knowledge of how to protect oneself and others in case of danger, how to handle explosive devices, use the latest equipment, etc. All of this can save the lives of students who are about to enter adulthood. And, of course, this is such a relevant national and patriotic education, which is part of the fight against Russian aggression," said Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Oksen Lisovy.

Schools plan to update curricula in some subjects

The UAH 1.74 billion allocated by the Cabinet of Ministers will be used to upgrade the qualifications of teachers of the subject "Defense of Ukraine" and to purchase teaching aids and computer equipment for classrooms.

In this way, the Ministry of Education and Science plans to make the lessons more practice-oriented and ensure effective learning in accordance with the updated program.

Earlier, the head of the education ministry said that starting September 1, 2024, 11th grade students will receive updated textbooks on the history of Ukraine, which will be supplemented with materials about a full-scale war. It is also planned to change the approach to teaching this subject in schools by teachers. In particular, teachers will have methodological materials on how to talk about the war with students of different ages.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA reported that a serious gaffe was found in the history textbook for 6th graders of the NUS, which is why the scores are lowered in exams.

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