Beach vacation in Ukraine: where to swim and sunbathe

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Open beaches in Ukraine

Do you dream of cool water but are afraid to go to Odesa? We know where you can safely sunbathe. Read below to find out where to go.

Shatsk, Volyn region

More than 30 lakes are located in the Volyn region. The richness of flora and fauna here is simply amazing. Some of the local flora and fauna are even listed in the Red Book.

The weather is hot from June to August, and the water in shallow waters warms up to 22-25°C. By the way, it is considered to be therapeutic because it contains a slight mineralization.

The territory has everything you need for civilized leisure. There are many hotels and restaurants, as well as well-equipped beaches.

Beach vacation in Ukraine: where to swim and sunbathe

Svityaz, Volyn region

The most popular vacation spot among travelers. Keep in mind that there are many more people here than at other locations. The coast stretches for hundreds of meters. It is lined with a variety of shopping stalls, cafes, volleyball courts, umbrellas, and paid sunbeds. If you like activities, rent a boat, catamaran or kayak.

For a more relaxing pastime, head to the Fisherman's Corner. The base is located in the middle of a picturesque forest. The entrance to the water is sandy and grassy. You won't believe it, but on the shore you can find sellers of sweet donuts and other goodies. Everything is just like at sea.

Sand Lake, Melnyky village, Volyn region

The beaches are dominated by sand, and the coast itself is surrounded by pine and birch plantations. On the territory you can rent wooden sunbeds and props for water activities and ride inflatable slides. There is no cafe here, but there are shopping kiosks. You can buy food and drinks there.

Big and Small Zhoransky Lakes, Volyn region

There are changing rooms and gazebos on the green promenade. There is a parking lot and a restroom nearby. A great place for camping enthusiasts. The location is not very popular among tourists, so peace and quiet reign here.

And not far from Shatsk, near the village of Rostan, there are blueberry plantations, one of the largest in Europe.

Druzhbivsky Quarry, Zhytomyr region

The scenery around is incredible: rock walls, clear and turquoise water, forests and sandy shores. The location is suitable not only for swimming but also for diving. Currently, there is no infrastructure in the area, and the nearest store is in a neighboring village. Therefore, it is important to take care of food in advance.

Keep in mind that in summer travelers often encounter a large number of wasps. So take antihistamines with you. To avoid the crowds, choose weekdays for your trip. By the way, the sunrises and sunsets here are incredible. If you have the opportunity, be sure to come here with a tent.

The Kaminne Selo State Geological Reserve is located 15 kilometers from the quarry. It should not be overlooked either.

Beach vacation in Ukraine: where to swim and sunbathe

Blue Lakes, Chernihiv region

The natural pearl of Polissia captivates tourists with its clean air, pine forest, and turquoise water. All the necessary infrastructure can be found on the territory of the eco-complex. You can stay in comfortable cottages with all amenities.

You can have a delicious meal at the Moonshine restaurant, which serves rustic cuisine and set meals. To spend active time, choose cycling. Cars are available for rent. For an evening of relaxation, soak in the atmosphere of tranquility in the sauna or vat.

By the way, the estate of Sofia Rusova is located 2 kilometers from the location. The building is a historical site and has a special energy. In 1856, the famous Ukrainian educator was born in this hut. She published the first primer and developed a system of preschool national education. The complex houses a museum, comfortable houses and apartments, a wood-fired bathhouse, etc.

Beach vacation in Ukraine: where to swim and sunbathe

Kosyno, Zakarpattia region

A great place for family leisure. The recreational complex allows both adults and children to improve their health. In addition, a huge modern water park with extreme three-kilometer slides was built here.

Most tourists choose the Golden Faucet of Health swimming pool. They also made fountains and jacuzzis in the form of traditional drinks. It's a strange thing.

Beach vacation in Ukraine: where to swim and sunbathe

Zhayvoronok, Berehove village, Zakarpattia region

There is an open water body with a temperature of 31-33°C on the territory. Thermal waters come directly from the wells from a depth of 1200 meters. They are recommended for arthritis, arthrosis, neuroses, migraines, etc.

In addition to hot springs, guests can enjoy a jacuzzi, professional massage, fish-spa and snail therapy.


Everyone is used to this being a winter resort. However, the location has a lot to offer for summer vacations. There is a beach with mountain views near the Lake of Youth.

For those who enjoy active leisure, we recommend catamaran and sap-boarding, as well as jet skiing. The temperature of the crystal water ranges from 20°C to 23°C. Entrance to the reservoir is free.

The first all-weather toboggan run in Ukraine, Rodelbahn, and observation lifts are located nearby. We also recommend visiting the Hutsul Land ethno-park. Here, you can immerse yourself in the history of the life and way of life of the highlanders: Hutsuls, Boykos, and Lemkos. We also offer to take part in excursions to unique places in the Carpathian region.

Beach vacation in Ukraine: where to swim and sunbathe

It's time to go on an adventure. Choose a location and go!

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