A mistake in watering plants can kill them: summer tips for garden

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Watering in the heat of the day can even be detrimental to your garden. Source: Created with the help of AI

Warm summer weather brings us pleasure - sunlight fills people with energy. But it can also be detrimental to plants in your garden or flower bed at home.

With the summer heat approaching, it is important to take on board the advice of experienced gardeners who know how to avoid mistakes in caring for greenery. OBOZ.UA has collected their experience.

One of the worst mistakes you can make on hot days is to water your plants in the middle of the day. The heat will quickly evaporate all the water, but even a few minutes is enough for the droplets on the leaves to work like lenses, concentrate the sunlight and cause burns to the plants.

The best time to water is early morning, when the temperature is not too high and the sun's rays are less active. Ideally, you should have time to water your garden, beds or flower beds between 5 and 9 am.

However, despite the fact that similar conditions prevail in the evening, this time is not so good for watering. In this case, the water can stay on the soil surface, around the roots and on the leaves overnight and provoke the development of a fungal infection of plants.

Watering is not the only way to protect plants from heat. For example, if part of your garden is growing in containers, it is better to move them to the shade during really high temperatures. The soil in a confined space dries out faster than open soil, so such plants need to be additionally protected from the sun. In the shade, they will suffer less from the heat, and the moisture in the container will be retained for a longer time.

Also, refrain from over-watering your lawn in the heat of the day - this can do more harm than good. The moisture causes the grass to burn on the surface of the leaves. Water your lawn about once a week. Just don't leave the grass without moisture at all, but don't keep it under constant watering. Lawn plants are usually quite resistant to heat.

Also, to combat the heat, reduce the frequency of lawn mowing and do not cut the grass too short. The taller the plants are, the better they will shade the soil and thus protect themselves from the heat.

To retain more moisture in the soil in hot weather, it is better not to increase the frequency of watering, but to use mulch. Covering the soil around the plants with it will significantly slow down the evaporation of water and help regulate the temperature of the humus.

Gardeners also advise paying attention to the pots in which you keep your plants. Ceramic vessels allow water to pass through their walls, so the soil will dry out faster. It is better to wrap them in foil or seal them with a special sealant. Also, be sure to hide black pots, especially plastic ones, in the shade, as they attract heat the most and plants in them will suffer from overheating.

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