5 food habits that can lead to hair loss

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Dietary errors can affect both women's and men's hair

The problem of hair loss is complex. Genetic factors, lifestyle, and, last but not least, eating habits can play a role.

Eat This, Not That! has compiled the 5 most common nutritional mistakes that lead to hair problems. A deficiency or excess of certain substances in the diet can negate all efforts to care for your hair, even if the best trichologist helps you with this. So, you should change your approach to your diet if.

You limit your calorie intake too much

The calories we get from food serve as fuel for absolutely everything - from sports performance to hair growth. If you cut your calorie intake below the basic level that covers all the minimum needs of your body while losing weight, your body will start looking for processes to "save" on. For example, it won't work on your heart rate, but it will work on your hair. Currently, the specific link between calorie intake and hair loss is not fully understood by experts, but the fact has been documented by science. So, make sure you don't drive yourself into an excessively severe deficit.

You lack protein

Proteins are the building blocks for all tissues in our body. Even the non-living ones, like hair and nails. If you don't have enough protein, you won't be able to build any body, let alone a healthy one. As for hair, a protein called keratin is responsible for it. The body itself produces it from other substances of this class. So give it enough material for this process, and everything can change in a rather radical way.

You are not getting enough zinc in your diet

Zinc is involved in more than 100 enzymes in our body. It is important for maintaining the immune system, creating DNA, repairing tissues, and building proteins. A deficiency of this trace element can affect the body in many ways. In particular, through alopecia. Fortunately, some studies show that normalizing zinc levels can help restore hair growth.

You are deficient in iron

This mineral is primarily responsible for respiration at the cellular level - it is the iron in red blood cells that delivers oxygen to all tissues in our body. When its deficiency becomes significant enough, the whole body, including the hair, suffers. One 2013 study examined the relationship between iron deficiency and hair loss, and the results showed that the element may play a more important role in female pattern hair loss than male pattern hair loss. Although men also suffer from hair loss due to iron deficiency. So, if you're having trouble with your hair, check your iron levels.

You consume too many supplements

It's not just deficiencies that can have a bad effect on your hair. Excessive consumption of various substances also leads to similar consequences. Studies show that this is especially true for selenium, vitamin A, and vitamin E. Scientists also point to other symptoms associated with toxicity that occur when people try to enrich their diets on their own. That is why doctors do not advise to introduce dietary supplements into your diet without having clear indications, in particular, deficiency conditions.

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