Your refrigerator will be perfectly clean: just two products will help remove unpleasant odors

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Lemons and baking soda keep your fridge fresh and perfectly clean

Many people are familiar with the situation when a seemingly clean refrigerator still smells unpleasant. Special odor traps can help you deal with this problem. But you can save money on them by using common, inexpensive products.

In particular, lemons and baking soda can help. Their effectiveness and various uses will definitely surprise you. OBOZ.UA has collected several recipes.

Lemon freshener

To use the power of lemon, wash the whole fruit and cut it into slices. Place each slice in a small container - on a plate or a small stand - and put them on the shelves. In 24 hours, they will completely cope with the task of eliminating unpleasant odors.

During this time, the aromatic compounds in the lemon peel will fill the refrigerator with a pleasant scent. But that's not all. The citric acid contained in the fruit's flesh neutralizes alkaline odors. These are the odors of spoiled food. This is also why fresh fruit juice can be used to wipe down the walls of the refrigerator after you wash it. In addition, cleaning with lemon juice will help kill bacteria and mold.

Baking soda deodorizer

Baking soda powder also has powerful absorbent properties. Therefore, it can be placed on the shelves of the refrigerator in the same way. To enhance the effect, you can arrange both products. Lemon will neutralize molecules that spoil the atmosphere in the chamber, and soda will absorb what lemon cannot handle.

Lemon and soda spray for cleaning

In addition, these two products can be used to make a spray for cleaning the refrigerator. Since this liquid is completely natural, it can be used not only for general cleaning of the refrigerator but also for routine cleaning. To make the spray, mix a tablespoon of citric acid with a tablespoon of baking soda, and then dissolve it in half a liter of warm water. Pour the liquid into a spray bottle and use it as needed. For global cleaning, the spray can be left to act for 15-20 minutes while washing the refrigerator. For daily cleaning, apply it to the contaminated area and immediately wipe it with a cloth. These two substances also do an excellent job of cleaning surfaces.

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