You won't recognize your home: how to completely change the interior with the "unexpected red" trick

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Red color in the interior

In the world of interior design, which is dominated by neutral and muted colors, an unexpected trend has emerged that will help to revitalize the room. Red is one of the most prominent colors in the spectrum, as it can attract attention and add bright accents. It's no coincidence that red is often used to warn and alert people (think: stop signs, hazard lights, and traffic signals).

No, you don't have to buy red carpets or repaint your walls. Experts told us how to completely change the interior with an unexpected trick.

The effect of surprise

The trend is to "inject" dopamine into the decor. The theory of "unexpected red" will fill the house with joy, enlivening the space with bright colors and paints, but without the effect of dominance or oppression.

Experts say that there are 3 fundamental colors: red, yellow, and blue. These pigments cannot be obtained by mixing any other color, and together they can be combined in many combinations.

Using the colors of the primary palette

In interior design, a spectrum of colors is used to best shape decorating ideas. Different colors can complement or contrast with each other, affecting the feel and mood of the space.

Accent details

According to Taylor Simon, an interior designer from Brooklyn, these flashes of brightness work in all rooms and one accent piece will be enough. The idea is to add one bright and bold piece of decor where it would seem out of place.

Unexpected red

Decorative pillows, blankets, lighting fixtures, and artwork can instantly revitalize a space, filling it with energy, without the need for a full-blown color scheme.

Katie Logan LeBlanc, co-founder of Logan Killen Interiors, said: "Red seems to warm up any space, making it cozy and lively. Pillows, lighting, carpets and accent furniture are the easiest ways to liven up a room."

Caroline Milnes, Head of Interior Design at Zulufish, believes that primary colors act almost like a punctuation mark, adding a moment of pause and rest to the interior. Doors, frames, trim, and even interior cabinets are often overlooked as opportunities to inject personality into a space. A bright yellow front door, blue window frames or red cabinet interior can add an element of surprise.

Red details

Charlotte Cosby, creative director of Farrow & Ball, advises using shades of Stone Blue, Babouche and Bamboozle: "Put these shades in neutral schemes to add energy by painting the back of bookshelves, mantels, or the inside of a wardrobe, for example, to bring the room to life."

Accent details

Consider the vertical and horizontal possibilities in your space. Pendant lights, brightly painted ceilings, floors and rugs are all powerful tools to either ground a space or draw the eye.

When a neutral room needs a little energy, an "injection of color" can give the space a much-needed accent.

"Adding yellow hues to a room creates a gentle warmth, injecting energy into the scheme without overwhelming the overall aesthetic. Yellow accents on a neutral background such as white, gray or natural tones usually stand out beautifully, creating a visually striking contrast," said Gemma McCloskey, founder and creative director of Cúpla.

Deep red

Primary colors are such a bold choice that many people do not risk using this palette in the interior, and yet they can be an easy way to bring energy and life to the space.

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