You should clean the cache on your phone regularly: how to do it and why it's important

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Clearing the iPhone cache is very easy

iPhone smartphone users should clear the browser cache in their gadget at least once a month so they don't have performance problems. It makes absolutely no difference whether they use Google's Chrome, native Safari or Mozilla Firefox.

The cleanup will only take a few minutes, but users will feel the benefits immediately. OBOZREVATEL tells how to clear the cache and why it's important.

How the cache works

The browser cache stores digital data of sites you visit. This is done to speed up the loading of pages when you re-open your favorite site. But sooner or later, it starts working against you, because the browser accumulates so much data that it is just "uncomfortable" to work with them.

In addition, the cached files may become irrelevant to the site, so they just turn into garbage, taking up space on your smartphone. It can also cause the site's pages to display incorrectly.

When you clear the cache in your browser, all site data will be updated and overwritten with new and correct data the first time you visit. This will also free up some storage space.

If you clear websites' cookies along with the cache, all previously entered logins and passwords will be deleted, which, on the one hand, will keep you safe from their theft, but on the other hand, you will have to re-enter login data on all sites. This means that if you have forgotten any of your usernames and passwords, it is better to leave your cookies untouched.

You should clear the cache at least once a month. But if you actively use browsers, you can do it once every two weeks.

How to clear the cache in Chrome, Safari and Firefox on iPhone

Luckily for iPhone users, clearing the cache is an extremely simple procedure that takes only a few minutes of your time and can do no harm to your gadget or the data on it.

How to clear iPhone cache in Chrome

  • open the Chrome browser;
  • press the three dots at the bottom right;
  • in the menu at the top (among the blue icons), select Settings;
  • then open Privacy & Security.
  • select Clear history;
  • at the top of the menu, select the time range you want;
  • also select which files you want to delete and make sure there are check marks next to them;
  • tap the red Clear history at the bottom of the screen.

How to clear the cache on your iPhone in Safari

  • open your iPhone Settings;
  • in the list of programs, select Safari;
  • locate and press the blue sign that says Erase history and site data;
  • on the pop-up window, tap Erase history and data.
  • unfortunately, Safari doesn't allow you to erase the cache without cookies, so you'll have to re-login to certain sites.

How to clear the cache on your iPhone in Firefox

  • click the so-called burger menu (three dashes) in the bottom right corner;
  • select Settings;
  • then go to Manage data;
  • select which data you want to purge and click the red Delete Personal Data inscription.

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