Without make-up and surrounded by children: Madonna shows family dinner with 29-year-old boyfriend. Video.

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The performer charmed the fans with a homely atmosphere

The American legendary singer Madonna is preparing for her anniversary tour in Mexico. In honour of this, she arranged a festive family dinner, inviting her boyfriend Josh Popper, who is 35 years younger than her. The singer was also supported by her four adopted children - David, Chifundo, Esther and Stella.

The star posted a video of the fun gathering on Instagram. In it, the artist appeared with red hair and no make-up, as well as in a revealing bustier, wide trousers and a leopard-print cardigan. In her usual manner, Madonna joked and was quite relaxed (to watch the video, scroll to the end).

She also shared a photo with her children and a 29-year-old boyfriend. The man posed next to the vocalist, wearing a white T-shirt, printed shorts and light sneakers. David supported his boxing coach by choosing a similar outfit, and the girls showed off identical black T-shirts.


By the way, Madonna and Josh Popper's romance became known at the end of February 2023. He is a sports coach for the singer's children and runs the Bredwinners gym in Manhattan.


The couple does not comment on their relationship and does not respond to journalists' requests. According to the artist's relatives, she met her lover in the gym when she brought her heirs to workout. Madonna's partner had previously tried his hand at cinema and appeared in the last season of the TV series Summer House.

Recently, OBOZREVATEL reported that Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon was publicly "punished" for being late for the Marc Jacobs show in New York. The girl was not allowed to attend the event in front of her fans.

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