Will Ukraine withdraw from Euro 2024? Official decree of the Ministry of Sport on boycott of tournaments published

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The document obliges national federations to monitor the composition of international competitions

The Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine has published a decree banning official delegations of Ukrainian national teams from participating in international competitions where Russians and Belarusians are present. The text of the document, signed with an electronic signature, was published on his Telegram channel by MP Zhan Beleniuk.

If athletes from the Russian Federation or Belarus take part in the competition, Ukrainian delegations will be required to return from their business trips. The text of the document recommends that all-Ukrainian sports federations monitor the participation of Russia and Belarus in international competitions and inform the Ministry of Sport in a timely manner if such facts are discovered.


If any Ukrainian federation refuses to return its athletes from tournaments, the heads of independent structural units of the Ministry of Sport will have to submit relevant documents to the Commission to deprive such a sports federation of its national status.


It should be noted that after such a decree, the Ukrainian national football team should formally withdraw from the 2024 European Championship qualifiers, as the Belarusian national team is participating in the selection.


Earlier, UEFA suspended the Russian national team from the Euro 2024 qualifiers, which was sanctioned after Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. At the same time, Belarusians were allowed to participate in the tournament, but the Belarusian team was separated from Ukraine.

England Ukraine

Recall that Ukrainian footballers had an unsuccessful start to the Euro 2024 qualifiers. In the 2nd round at the legendary Wembley Stadium, Ruslan Rotan's men lost to England 0-2.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, on March 28, the IOC restored the possibility for Russians and Belarusians to compete in individual sports under a neutral flag, provided that they do not actively support the war in Ukraine and are not associated with the army and military clubs. The decision on their participation in the 2024 Games will be made later.


On March 20, the Ukrainian Fencing Federation decided that its athletes and technical specialists refused to participate in tournaments where athletes from Russia and Belarus were going to compete. This is how our representatives in the sport reacted to the decision of the International Fencing Federation (FIE) to return the aggressor countries to its tournaments.


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