Will lift sluggish seedlings: with what to water tomatoes and peppers to save the plants

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Pepper and tomato seedlings can suddenly become squishy and begin to wilt. This can be caused by improper lighting, cold drafts, and low temperatures.

Young plants can be strengthened with a very effective solution. Read how to prepare fertilizer in the material OBOZREVATEL.

How to cook red pepper fertilizer

Prepare fertilizer with cinnamon and red pepper is very simple. It is important to let it infuse for at least one day.

The necessary ingredients are:

  • ground red pepper
  • cinnamon
  • warm water

For convenience, we publish step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Pour 1 liter of warm water into a container and add 1 tablespoon of ground red pepper.

Step 2: Add to the solution 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and mix the ingredients thoroughly.

Step 3: Infuse the solution for 1 day at room temperature.

Step 4 After infusion the fertilizer should be strained through gauze.

Step 5. Spray each leaf of the sprouts, also treat the inner surface of the leaves, and moisten the surface of the soil.

Repeat this feeding every 12-14 days.

The benefits of pepper dressing

This is an ideal natural fertilizer, which will not only accelerate the growth of seedlings but also will repel pests. It will inhibit the development of pathogens and protect the plant from many diseases.

Pepper fertilizer will give the plant the necessary substances, increase immunity and improve the development of shoots. It will help to quickly reanimate frail and flabby seedlings.

By the way, you can use aloe fertilizer to improve the growth of tomato and pepper seedlings. This is an effective substitute for biostimulants. The only caveat - you should not take the juice of young aloe, more nutrients are contained in a plant at least three years old. The juice is obtained by cutting off the lower leaves. Naturally, the juice in pure form is too concentrated, so you need to dilute it with water. How to prepare the aloe root dressing and how long it takes to infuse - read in the material.

In the past OBOZREVATEL told you how to grow tomatoes and when to start sowing seedlings.

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