Why you shouldn't walk on a wet floor: superstitions about poverty

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Walking on a wet floor can be slippery, but that's just one of the problems

Many times in our lives, we have all heard the request not to walk on a freshly washed floor. It seems quite logical because dirt clings to a wet surface faster, and it turns out that all the effort put into cleaning is in vain. It's also easy to slip on wet floors. That's why public places often display special warning signs after cleaning.

However, OBOZREVATEL found out that this practice is also influenced by signs and superstitions. Cleaning holds significant energetic importance and is associated with purifying the house not only from dirt.

It is believed that footprints left on a freshly washed floor, if someone walks on it, can act as a guide for evil spirits, showing them the way into the house. Hence, it is advised to wait until the water dries before entering.

Because of this belief, superstitious people recommend not washing the floor in the evening before most residents return home. It is better to do it in the morning when they leave. This way, the house will be just as clean in the evening, but without the risk of encountering spirits.

Superstitious individuals are convinced that evil spirits brought home with such footprints can stir up family quarrels, illness, hunger, and poverty. It may also lead to disobedience in children and a negative self-perception in adults.

There is also a set of beliefs associated with a wet, freshly mopped floor:

  • If you wash it before leaving for a trip and leave it wet, the journey will be difficult and dangerous. However, it is acceptable if a negative person has just left the house, as it will cover their tracks.
  • When cleaning, it's best to ask everyone to leave the room you plan to clean. If you mop around someone, it is believed to bring that person a lot of problems and even misfortune.
  • Guests should not wash the floor in someone else's home, as it is thought to bring quarrels and poverty to the hosts.
  • To ensure prosperity in the house, it is better to wash the floor in the direction of the kitchen.
  • Wet cleaning the floor is deemed necessary if someone has died in the house. This is done as soon as the deceased is taken out of the house, aiming to help the soul break its connection with its earthly home and move more easily to the afterlife.

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