Why you shouldn't put checks in your wallet: omens, how to avoid poverty

Why you shouldn't put checks in your wallet: omens, how to avoid poverty

Practice shows - in order to avoid poverty, it is worth first of all to work hard and develop in your profession. But folk omens assure that esoteric protection from such misfortune will not hurt either.

OBOZREVATEL delved into common superstitions on this subject. And tells how people recommend protecting themselves from poverty with the help of rituals of domestic magic.

Do not keep old checks in your wallet. They interfere with the free circulation of energy of money.

In general, there should always be order in a purse, so that the flow would go unhindered. Therefore, you should also get rid of business cards, flyers, notes, etc., which people also often put in their wallets.

Pictures of family members and other loved ones are also a bad thing to keep in your wallet. Money doesn't like to be distracted from it. Even if only to the most important people.

Instead, you should keep a certain amount of coins in a separate pocket. The presence of change indicates respect on the part of the owner of the accessory for any money.

Paper bills should be placed in the wallet only in unfolded form. Folded or curled, they lose some of their energy which leads to problems with finances.

In addition, banknotes should be sorted by denomination - from small to large. And on no account should they be kept together with coins. If possible, you should also separate small and large bills into different compartments. You should have an easy way to get money out of your wallet, otherwise, you will spend your whole life "shoveling out" money for your needs, just like you shovel money out of it.

Put your paper money so that it faces you when you open your wallet. If you put it in the back, it will always "run away.

Your wallet should never be empty. After all, money attracts money. Therefore, at least one bill or one coin should lie inside. And the more its denomination, the better.

A small wallet will be cramped for the flow of money, so it is better to choose a large model with a sufficient number of compartments. In this case, the best choice will be red, gold, yellow, black, or gray colors of the accessory. These are the most attractive shades of wealth.

Found money should not be kept together with the earned money. Their energy will come into conflict, also because you do not know who, why, and with what thoughts threw the bill or coin on the ground. Therefore, what you accidentally found is better spent right away. What came easily should go easily, then it will return in a larger amount.

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