Why you shouldn't pass things over the threshold: the essence of superstition

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Can you pass things and money over the threshold

There has long been a belief that one should avoid passing things over the threshold, as it was thought that doing so could bring about the loss of luck.

Esotericists claim that the threshold serves as a boundary between two worlds, and the disparity in energy may lead to unpleasant consequences. OBOZREVATEL investigated the possibility of transferring things and money across the threshold and the essence of this superstition.

According to the superstition, passing money over the threshold may result in financial difficulties, potentially dooming oneself to poverty.

If someone requests you to pass an item over the threshold, it is advised to take one or two steps forward. Failing to do so might lead to quarrels and conflicts with that person. Therefore, before handing over an item or money, it is recommended to either let the person into the room or step outside.

Another version suggests refraining from passing over the threshold to avoid attracting evil spirits to the house. Even an item passed over the threshold is believed to bring bad luck to the recipient.

Historically, this superstition dates back to pagan times when there was a custom of burying the ashes of the deceased on the threshold, supposedly to protect the family from harm. Passing something over the threshold was seen as disturbing the dead.

In line with folk beliefs, if someone knocks on your door, it is advised not to engage in conversation from the doorway. Instead, it is better to go out on the porch to avoid bringing trouble to the house.

Sitting on the doorstep was also discouraged, as it was believed that doing so could lead to the spread of bad gossip about the person.

An intriguing superstition is associated with weddings. According to an ancient tradition, when newlyweds enter a new home, the man is expected to carry the woman across the threshold in his arms. If the woman crosses the threshold by herself, the couple may encounter difficulties in their family life.

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