Why you shouldn't keep two brooms at home: the essence of the superstition

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Superstitions about brooms

It's hard to count the number of folk superstitions associated with brooms. It has long been said that a broom can "sweep away" health, prosperity, and good luck from the house.

According to one of the most popular beliefs, you can't keep two brooms in your home. OBOZREVATEL has analyzed the essence of this superstition.

Our ancestors used to say that before buying a new broom, you have to get rid of the old one. Having two brooms, according to superstition, can lead to a lack of money, poverty, and all sorts of troubles. According to one interpretation of the superstition, the broom is a symbol of house purification, and it was also often called a symbol of financial well-being.

An old broom has long been thrown away from the house so as not to attract health problems and quarrels. However, it was not advised to burn the broom, as it could lead to serious problems in the family. Superstitious people who believe in house folk say that these creatures like to sleep on the broom, so it should be kept clean and always in the same place.

It is said that the broom should be thrown away by the mimin once a year so that all the negative energy in the house will leave with it.

There are other signs associated with the broom; for example, after the departure of someone from the family, it was not advised to sweep for three days; otherwise, the person might never return home. Stepping over a broom is a sign of illness. To sweep an unmarried girl was to doom her to a long life of loneliness. It was also advised to clean away from the door and not to sweep the floor after sunset.

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