Why you shouldn't keep old calendars at home: a popular sign

Old calendars can keep you from moving forward

Wall or desk calendars are often made to look so strikingly beautiful that many people then keep them for a collection as a work of art. But popular belief is that this practice can be dangerous.

OBOZREVATEL looked into the signs. And tells you what the harm of keeping old calendars can be.

The past will not let go

Old calendars show the time that has already passed, which is wrong from the point of view of esotericism, because you need to live here and now. And such things from the past will make events stand still, which will prevent business and plans from moving forward. You can't expect success in this case.

Negative energy of junk

A thing that has served its purpose, even a very beautiful one, becomes junk, and keeping junk clogs up energy channels in the house. And in the worst case, it even contributes to the spread of previously accumulated negativity. Especially if you keep a calendar for a year that was unsuccessful. It is noteworthy that this sign does not work with calendars for a good year, precisely because of the calendar's ability to store elapsed time.

The peace of the deceased soul

As a continuation of the previous sign, it is believed that calendars for the year when someone died in the family are particularly dangerous. It is believed that they can store not only the energy of the deceased, but also a part of his or her soul. Therefore, such calendars should be disposed of immediately so that a person can have peace after death and not drag the souls of the living with them to the world of the dead.

What to do with an old calendar

Feng Shui experts advise that if you really like the images from an old calendar, cut it out and put it in a frame or album. And get rid of the parts with dates. You can also use the calendar pages for various forms of handicrafts - appliqués, decoupage, scrapbooking, children's school work, etc. In this case, the image will work as a work of art or as part of a collection and will not pose a threat to human well-being.

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