Why you should not pour boiling water down a clogged sink: it will make the situation worse

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Can boiling water be poured down the drain

Sink drains often get clogged with food waste, grease, hair, or other dirt. You can often find advice online that says that to unblock a blockage, you just need to pour boiling water into the sink and hot water will break down fatty substances.

In fact, boiling water is very dangerous for sewer pipes. The Mirror publication explained why.

Boiling water should not be poured into the sink as you can cause serious damage to the plumbing system. This is because plastic that is now very durable is often used during the manufacture of modern pipes. it is not designed for contact with high temperatures.

In the presence of blockages, boiling water can melt or deform plastic pipes.

Experts from WP Plumbing emphasized, "Pouring very hot water into the kitchen sink is not the best way to remove a blockage. This way, you will damage the pipeline."

Experts from Balkan Plumbing also called for not using boiling water, citing the same reasons as WP Plumbing but noting that the danger concerns PVC drainage pipes. If there is a blockage in the pipe, hot water will pass slowly and the PVC can deform.

If you do not pour boiling water into the sink regularly, nothing bad will happen. A small amount of hot water in contact with the plumbing system will cool down quickly, so don't panic.

Old cast iron pipes are more durable than some modern ones. However, with sudden temperature changes, the metal becomes brittle over time.

Thus, let the boiling water cool for at least 5-10 minutes before pouring it into the sink. Plumbers also recommend running cold water while pouring down boiling water.

How to fix the blockage? Experts advise using a drain snake, which is a long piece of coiled metal wire attached to a flexible metal cable. The cable is then attached to a handle: you turn the handle to turn the wire and loosen anything blocking the drain.

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