Why you need extra holes in your sneakers: two ways to use them

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Why do you need extra holes in your sneakers?

Sneakers are comfortable shoes that are used not only for sports training but also to complement everyday looks. There are different models that have their own characteristics, but most of them have extra holes.

OBOZ.UA found out what they are for. This is not a decorative element or a sewing mistake.


If you play sports, extra holes will help you feel comfortable and confident during your workout. The extra holes are designed to provide a more solid fit, which helps to avoid falling off or unnecessary foot movement in the sneaker.

To secure your foot, you need to slide the right lace into the right hole to get a loop. Do the same with the left lace. Then put the end of the left lace into the loop on the right side, and the right lace into the left. Then tighten it as tightly as you like.

Sneakers for every day

Most people choose sneakers as their everyday shoes because of their lightness and comfort. But you can improve them by using additional holes.

Tighten the laces so that the sneakers are not tight. Then slide the right lace into the right hole, and do the same with the left. Tie the laces as you like and you will feel the shoe fit snugly to your foot. This will help you move freely without rubbing your feet.

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