Why you need a second hole in the sink: not everyone knows

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The second hole protects the kitchen or bathroom from flooding

Have you ever noticed a small hole under the faucet in your sink? And it's not a siphon that drains waste water into the sewer. It's a hole in the wall of the object. In fact, it performs an important function that not everyone knows about.

Sante Plus found out what its purpose is. It turns out that it serves for safety reasons.

Sometimes it happens that the drain gets clogged or needs to be closed for some purpose, such as to fill up the water to wash something or take a bath. In this case, so much water can be poured into the sink or bathtub that it starts to flow out through the top. To avoid this, you need to limit the level to which it can be filled. And this is what the additional hole serves for.

It is connected to the so-called "drain-overflow" system. When the water reaches the level of this hole, it begins to flow out of it and into the sewer. Just like through a siphon, but at a higher level. In fact, this system connects this hole to the one with the sewer pipe.

However, plumbers do not advise pinning all your hopes on this hole and avoid overflowing the sink. It is also not recommended to use it to drain dirty water there on a regular basis. If possible, avoid using this system, because it is still less reliable than the main leak from the sink.

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