Why you can't dry clothes on radiators: there are several disadvantages

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Why you shouldn't dry clothes on radiators

Sudden changes in temperature and deteriorating weather conditions no longer ensure that clothes dry quickly outdoors. Housewives use radiators as a reliable way to dry the right thing. At first glance, this does not harm anything. However, it does

OBOZ.UA took a closer look at this issue. Other safe methods will help you dry things quickly.

The heat from the radiator has a negative effect on the fabric. It weakens the fibers and makes them brittle, which significantly worsens the appearance of the clothes.

In addition, placing things on the radiator blocks the ventilation holes, forcing you to use more energy to heat the room, leading to higher heating bills.

Hang your clothes on the dryer and place them near the radiator instead. This will allow you to dry the things you need quickly and safely.

You can also use a hair dryer if you urgently need to dry socks, hand towels, or underwear. This is a useful technique for "emergencies" that will not harm the fabric.

First, remove excess water, and then set the hair dryer to medium and direct warm air at the items. But do not use too high a temperature to avoid damaging the material.

Make sure that the airflow is distributed evenly by turning things over every few minutes until they are dry.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA published a quick and easy "burrito" method that will help dry your laundry.

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