Why you should not name a child after ancestors: the reasons are very serious

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Parents spend a lot of time looking for a beautiful and unusual name for their child. Most consider naming the baby after ancestors. This way, family members want to honor their memory and express their affection.

At first glance, this is a worthy act that deserves respect, but unfortunately, it can also negatively affect the child. OBOZ.UA took a closer look at this issue.

Names have great power that can influence the character and fate of a newborn. Superstitious people believe that the name of an ancestor can cause some chaos in the energy world.

For example, if you want to name your child after your uncle, who struggled with financial problems all his life and was often nervous, then be prepared for the baby to take on these sufferings.

According to the belief, the name can also transmit diseases, troubles, and misfortunes from generation to generation.

Therefore, you should carefully approach such an important process. A child should have his or her own destiny and go his or her own way in life without being intertwined with the problems of ancestors.

In some cases, it is better not to rely on a specific relative but to look for a name with a meaning that you like.

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