Why were there no balconies on the ground floor in the USSR: an explanation

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Khrushchyovkas were built quickly, so they were designed without certain amenities

Soviet architecture surprises not only with its unattractive appearance but also with the absence of balconies on the ground floor. These balconies appeared in the buildings that were constructed later. But what was the reason for such a peculiar decision?

As discovered by OBOZ.UA, there were three reasons. Here is an explanation for the absence of balconies on the ground floor in the USSR.

Safety considerations

During the era of Khrushchyovkas, there were minimal security systems in residential buildings. For instance, there were no locks on the front doors, allowing anyone to enter the building. To address the issue of break-ins, various measures were taken, and one of them involved not designing balconies on the ground floors. The belief was that this would complicate the access of intruders to lower-level housing.

In case of fire

The stairwells and corridors in Khrushchyovka buildings were notably narrow. In the event of a fire, this posed a risk of a stampede in the entrance. Consequently, balconies were not constructed on the ground floors to enable residents of lower apartments to evacuate through the window without blocking the exit to the street with open doors.

Saving money

The primary goal in constructing Khrushchyovkas was to swiftly provide people with individual apartments, leading to houses being built using the most straightforward technology to cut costs. Consequently, Soviet buildings featured thin walls and lower-quality utilities. Balconies were also excluded to save on expenses. This decision was justified by the notion that residents on the first floor could easily step outside for fresh air at any time, rendering balconies an unnecessary luxury.

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