Why the phone should always be placed face down: Two main reasons

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A smartphone stand might be a good solution

Most of us take out our smartphone at work or in a public place and put it next to us with the screen up. It's convenient, because that way you don't miss notifications and calls. But experts say this is a misconception. And they explain why the phone should be placed with the screen down.

OBOZREVATEL figured out the intricacies of this approach. It turns out that this position allows you to increase the performance, functionality and durability of the gadget. There are two reasons for this.


Smartphones are designed in such a way that cooling occurs through the back panel. In particular, the battery is adjacent to it, which heats up during operation and needs to be in contact with the outside environment to balance its temperature.

If the smartphone is placed with the screen up, the necessary heat exchange will be complicated. This can damage the battery and other parts that require cooling, such as the processor or graphics chip. Therefore, it is better to put the phone with the screen facing down or place it at an angle on a special stand. It can be a simple holder or one with additional features - the main thing is that the device should not lie on the table.

The camera

Also the position of the screen downward allows you to protect the main camera of the gadget from scratches. We often protect the screen with a special film or glass, while the camera remains unprotected. It is not covered by a cover or any other layer, as this would interfere with its operation. That is why it is better to keep the lens or lenses on top - so they are less in contact with other objects.

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