Why the Internet on iPhone is slow: 6 reasons why

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It's not always about problems with the gadget

In the age of social media and news addiction, there's nothing worse than slow internet on your iPhone. With the advancement of technology and mobile networks, it seemed that slow internet could be forgotten, but this is not the case and many iPhone users complain about slow data transfer when using the mobile internet.

The Gadget Buyer lists six main reasons why the Internet on a smartphone is slow. Fortunately, they are not that difficult to solve.

Why the internet is slow on iPhone

Often, the reason for poor mobile connectivity is not so much the gadget itself as the user who does not care too much about their smartphone. Several factors can affect the low performance of mobile data transfer on iPhone. You should consider each of them to fix the problem with your device.

Restart your iPhone

Before resorting to a technical solution to the problem, you should use the easiest way - restart your iPhone. After all, the Internet speed could be affected by minor errors that occurred while working with the smartphone or technical failures. Both can be solved by a simple reboot.

Poor location

Yes, mobile networks have grown in recent years, and you can see this by simply looking out of the window and counting the mobile phone towers. However, there are still gaps in the network where the mobile connection may not be of high quality. In addition, if you have problems with the mobile Internet during a blackout, it is possible that the network is simply unable to provide the traffic that all the people without fixed-line Internet are trying to get from it.

In this case, you should look for a better place to receive the mobile network. Sometimes you just need to go to another room, and sometimes you need to go for a walk outside.

In addition, do not be surprised that you have problems with the mobile Internet if you are in a tunnel, under a bridge or near mountains, it can easily lead to a blocked mobile signal.

Switch off the data saving mode

If your mobile data plan doesn't include unlimited internet, you know how important it is to control your network usage. That's why iPhone has a data saving mode that saves mobile internet.

But this setting can sometimes cause slow internet, especially if you're trying to watch videos online.

To turn off Data Saving Mode, do the following

  • Open Settings;
  • go to Cellular data;
  • select Data settings;
  • turn off Data saving.

Other apps use a lot of mobile data

Every app that uses the internet to work requires a different amount of data to function properly. Some apps are very data-saving, while others are not.

To see which app is using the most mobile data, open Settings and go to Cellular. The list of applications you have installed and the amount of mobile internet you have already consumed will load. Then decide which application you want to close.

Turn off your VPN

VPN services have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they allow you to mask or change your IP address almost anywhere in the world. This gives you more privacy while browsing the internet and allows you to use services and apps that may be banned in your country.

At the same time, it is common knowledge that VPN services can have a negative impact on internet speed. Therefore, you may want to disable it temporarily.

Data restrictions

There is also a possibility that you have simply run out of internet data. In this case, some mobile operators disconnect the Internet to the user, while others provide a new paid data package, the speed of which is significantly limited.

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