Why Telegram clogs smartphone memory and how to fix it

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Telegram takes up a lot of smartphone memory

Over the past year, the application Telegram has become almost the most popular messenger for Ukrainians. Through this application it is possible not only to exchange messages, but also to promptly receive important information through news channels.

However, Telegram takes up too much memory in the phone. Sometimes we do not think about the fact that the cause of the slow operation of the smartphone may be overcrowded memory due to messengers. OBOZREVATEL figured out why Telegram fills the memory of the phone so much and how to fix it.

Why Telegram fills the memory of the smartphone

Telegram automatically fills your smartphone's memory with all the files viewed in the app. That is, all photos, videos, audio, files, and even stickers and emoji not only from personal chats, but also from news channels are automatically saved to your phone. This is necessary to avoid repeated downloads, so that you don't waste mobile traffic to access the files every time.

However, agree that we hardly need all news photos and videos. Important files are better saved by yourself.

How to clear the Telegram cache

Clearing the Telegram cache can give you several gigabytes of free space. Open Telegram and tap on the top left corner of the app. Select "Settings", find the "Date and Memory" section. Then click on the "Memory Usage" feature.

You'll see a graph-diagram that shows how much memory your app data is taking up. To delete the data, select the "Clear cache" function.

How to delete files automatically

Telegram has an automatic file deletion feature. This means that if you do not open files to view for a certain amount of time, they will automatically disappear.

In the "Memory Usage" menu, find "Auto-delete media from device memory". Choose which files the app automatically deletes - from personal chats, groups, or news feeds. The timing should also be selected manually.

How not to keep files from Telegram

A perfect tip for saving memory space is to disable the auto-loading of watched files.

Select "Data and Memory", find the "Autoload Media" subsection, and disable it. You can also separately disable large video downloads, but allow photos to be saved.

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