Why do people sit before leaving for a long journey: what does the well-known sign mean

Why it is necessary

"Let's sit down" is usually said before locking up the apartment, checking the sockets for the last time and setting off. This unchanging road ritual has been known to our ancestors since ancient times.

From a practical point of view, the sign helps to concentrate, relax for a moment after the hustle and bustle, collect your thoughts, and remember whether everything is in your suitcase. OBOZREVATEL figured out the essence of the belief.

Since ancient times, people have believed in house folk who supposedly protect the house from trouble. These creatures are also believed to keep order and maintain peace and harmony in the family. The first explanation of the omen is related to the house folk. Our ancestors used to say that leaving the house for a long time could offend the housekeeper. By sitting down on the path, the owners seem to show respect for the creature, appease it, and say that they are leaving the house under its protection. In this way, the good housekeeper could suddenly remind you of forgotten things.

The tradition of "sitting down" dates back to pagan times. People tried to protect themselves from dark forces in this way, so that they would not pursue them on the road and interfere with their business. The explanation is quite interesting: it was believed that by sitting down on the path, one could deceive evil forces. By behaving calmly and prudently before leaving, our ancestors pretended that they were not going to leave home at all, trying to confuse the evil forces so that they would not follow them.

During the Christian era, the tradition was somewhat transformed: people began to sit down in front of the road to pray and ask for protection and blessings from higher powers.

By the way, according to another sign, you should not return to the house if you have already gone beyond the threshold. Read more about this and other road superstitions in the article.

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