Why do people come to funerals in black clothes: dress code rules

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Black color at a funeral is a historical tradition, but not an axiom

Losses in life are inevitable, so sooner or later each of us has to attend funerals. And you need to pay your last respects in the right way. In particular, it is believed that you should wear black clothes to the funeral.

OBOZ.UA asked stylists whether this rule is still mandatory today. And what can replace black clothes for a mourning ceremony.

Why is it customary to wear black to a funeral?

In fact, this tradition is inherent in the Western world. Here, it dates back to the times of Ancient Rome, when it was believed that dark-colored clothing was a symbol of mourning. The Roman rule spread across Europe and the custom followed them. It took root and became a constant for many centuries.

The most famous historical example of using black to show mourning was Queen Victoria of England. After the death of her husband Prince Albert in 1861, she wore only black clothes for the rest of her life. Of course, her gesture only strengthened the general tradition.

Is it necessary to come to the farewell in black?

Modern etiquette and style do not require it. You can choose any elegant clothes of restrained dark colors for the ceremony. Things of dark gray, navy blue or brown color will be just as appropriate.

What should be avoided are things of any bright colors. Unless the deceased or his or her family has asked you to do so, do not wear anything yellow, orange, pink, or red. However, white items of clothing such as blouses or shirts are perfectly acceptable. As well as modest, non-accent jewelry.

What clothes can I choose for the funeral ceremony?

A classic suit, both for men and women, is always appropriate in this case. It should be restrained and closed. It is better to choose a skirt that is knee-length or shorter, but you should not wear any shorts. A classic cut dress or sweater with pants or a skirt will also be an appropriate choice. The main thing is to avoid excessive dressing up.

If possible, avoid sports shoes at the funeral. It is better to give preference to more classic models. But also without excessive decorativeness and very high heels.

Modesty and restraint are the two main principles by which you should choose things for a funeral. Roughly speaking, try not to stand out from the crowd. This is not an event when people look at each other's outfits, so avoid brightness, active accessories and complex styles.

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