Why do cats suddenly start running around the house: it's not about ghosts

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The habit of a cat to suddenly take off and dash somewhere may seem cute to us, but it's worth taking a closer look at such behavior

The habit of cats jumping up and down at some point for no apparent reason and run off at a breakneck pace is a legendary trait of their character. It makes their owners very happy. Some people joke that cats see ghosts and are frightened by them. But it's just a joke. Meanwhile, there must be a reason for this behavior, right?

OBOZREVATEL asked what animal behaviorists and veterinarians have to say about this. And when such running can be a warning sign.

Excessive energy

Cats spend most of the day in peace. They lie relaxed in some comfortable place and sleep a lot. This way, they accumulate and conserve a lot of energy. If a cat has no other way to release its excess energy, it can do so through such strange runs.

How do you recognize that this is the case? It's simple - the cat will start running around like crazy when you are out of sight. The animal feels happy to have its favorite person around, and it can thus invite you to play. So chasing the cat in this case or offering it other entertainment will be quite appropriate. It will also strengthen your emotional bond.


Anxious behavior in a cat can be triggered by the sensation of prey in the vicinity. Even a purebred cattery-bred animal that has never been taught how to hunt properly instinctively feels the urge to catch a mouse or bird. Therefore, when it smells the scent that evolution has made so appetizing and attractive to it, the cat may start to get anxious and run.


If your cat is running and showing obvious signs of anxiety, such as screaming, you should consider whether another cat has appeared within its sight or smell. Cats are territorial animals, and they don't like strangers intruding on their boundaries. If this happens, they may begin to actively search for the intruder to drive him or her away. Check to see if a strange cat has climbed onto your windowsill. Or maybe it's sitting right outside the front door.


These parasites cause cats real pain when they bite them. That's why cats don't stop at just scratching. If they are stressed by constant bites, they can become nervous and fussy. So, if your cat is not only running around but also constantly scratching, licking his nose nervously, and shaking his head, examine his fur for unwanted guests. If you find fleas, act immediately - buy drops from parasites and treat the animal. Also, do a thorough cleaning of the house, because fleas can live in cracks, in the pile of carpets and on other surfaces. Fleas can not only annoy cats but also cause dermatitis and allergic reactions, which are not easy to treat.

An alarming symptom

If none of these works for your cat, and she continues to run around, consult your veterinarian. Anxious behavior can be a symptom of certain diseases, such as hyperthyroidism, and your cat may need to be examined further. Along with running around, hyperthyroidism causes cats to have an increased appetite, aggression, excessive grooming, and sleep problems. Therefore, if you notice any additional symptoms, make an appointment with your cat's doctor without delay. Diseases in cats can develop very quickly.

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