Why clothes are washed inside out: reasons not everyone knows about

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Washing clothes inside out significantly better protects the fabrics

The instructions for almost any item call for turning it inside out before putting it in the washing machine or even before hand washing. Everyone knows that this will preserve the condition of the fabric better. But how exactly can this protect textiles?

OBOZREVATEL has gathered explanations from experts. After reading them, you will no longer forget to turn your clothes out before washing them.

Most dirt accumulates inside

When you wear an item, it comes into contact with your body from the wrong side. Therefore, sebum and sweat accumulate on this side of the fabric. They cause yellow stains and a persistent odor. Washing the item inside out can solve this problem.

The decor will be safe

Decorative elements such as embroidery, appliqués, rhinestones, or sequins are on the front side, which is understandable. But they can be damaged during the wash. To protect them from this, simply turn the item inside out, and all the decor will be inside and will not come into contact with other fabrics and the drum.

This way you won't forget about your pockets

How many times have you scolded yourself for not taking some small thing out of your pocket before washing and ruining it or damaging your clothes? If you make it a habit to turn your clothes out before washing them every time, you will stop forgetting to empty your pockets. A small but important bonus, isn't it?

The fabric will retain its color longer

No matter how high-quality the dye is, it will gradually wash out of the fabric over time. You can slow down this process by turning your clothes out before the washing. This is especially true for jeans and various delicate fabrics such as silk or chiffon.

How to load the washing machine correctly

How else can you make washing safer for fabrics besides turning things out? Experts have some additional tips for this case.

Do not overuse detergents

Excessive detergent or gel will not only not improve the quality of the wash, but can also harm the fabrics. This can leave marks and stains on your clothes.

Do not overload the drum

To save money on laundry, you may be tempted to pack your washing machine with laundry. However, overloading the drum can at best reduce the efficiency of the wash. The detergent and water will not penetrate all the fabrics as well, and the spin cycle will be less thorough. And in the worst-case scenario, it can damage the machine.

Use a laundry bag

This tip is especially important for delicate fabrics such as knitwear or lace underwear. The mesh bag allows water to pass through well during washing, but at the same time minimizes the contact of things with the drum and other, coarser fabrics.

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