Why can't you return home for forgotten things: the essence of superstition

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Higher powers can be persuaded not to deprive you of protection due to untimely return

Everyone knows that it is a bad omen to return home from a trip, but not everyone has thought about the essence of the superstition. There can be many reasons for returning home: you forgot something at home, you are worried that you didn't turn off the iron, or you were asked to do so. And sometimes you have to perform this act, which is considered an unfavorable signal by the people. But why can't you go home?

OBOZREVATEL looked into folk beliefs in this regard and how people mitigated the consequences of a potentially negative situation.

What is the essence of superstition

In people's minds, the home and the outside environment are considered two separate worlds. The threshold of the house is supposedly guarded by the souls of deceased relatives, making a person feel more comfortable and safe inside. The same souls give their blessing when a person goes out on business. If they return without finishing what they started, they become angry. For this, they can withdraw their protection.

Another explanation tells of a guardian angel who, after an unplanned return, may stay at home and not accompany a person on their way. This also does not bode well.

Positive signs

But not all superstitions about returning home portend bad luck. According to some versions of the belief, this is a sign of warning of danger and an attempt to protect a person from higher powers. It is said that in this way, guardian spirits, sensing trouble, try to return them to a place where it is safer.

Some versions of the superstition put the responsibility for this on the house spirit, the mischievous spirit of the house. Allegedly, this spirit hides things on purpose so that a person can return for them and avoid some kind of trouble. The simplest example is rainy weather. The housekeeper hides an umbrella on purpose so that the resident of the house he is responsible for will return to get it and not get wet. If you feel relieved after crossing your threshold, you can be sure that you were not allowed to go far for nothing.

Also, experts in omens advise you to listen to your intuition. If it insists on telling you to turn off the path and check if everything is okay at home, then there are internal reasons for this.

How to protect yourself from bad omens

If you still think this omen is rather bad, there are several ways to protect yourself from a negative prophecy. To do this, you need to perform certain ritual actions.

Look in the mirror after returning home. In this way, you reflect the negative energy that irritated guardian spirits can send to you.

Knock on the tree three times. This will wake up the housekeeper, and he will again reward the person with his blessing on the way.

Take a talisman with you. If the spirits have warned you of danger on the way, it is logical to take something with you that will give you additional protection. It can be a lucky stone or some kind of prayerful object.

Sit on a chair. In this way, you will indicate to the guardian spirits that you have returned home for real, and not just dropped by to pick up something you forgot. At the same time, stop for a moment and think about whether you have forgotten something else so that you don't have to come back again. When you leave after such a pause, you will again receive the protection of higher powers.

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