Why Cameron Diaz left Hollywood and how her appearance has changed since the 2000s. Photos then and now

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The 1994 film "The Mask" with the audience favorite Jim Carrey was the debut project for the then very young Cameron Diaz. The girl, who was making steps in the modeling business, came to the casting for a role in the comedy on the advice of an employee of a modeling agency, not having absolutely no experience in film. But the miracle happened and Diaz got the role, becoming in the end one of the most popular actresses of our time. However, in 2015, the star decided to leave Hollywood.

This happened after the release of the movie-musical "Annie", where, according to many film critics, Diaz "overplayed to the point of hysteria". In the same year, the actress is married to musician Benji Madden, and therefore ending a career in film also pushed the desire to devote himself to his family. OBOZREVATEL decided to show how the owner of the widest smile in Hollywood has changed for more than 20 years.


"It's very hard to be in public all the time and put yourself out there in public. A huge stream of energy is constantly directed at celebrities, and because of this you begin to feel the pressure" - Diaz once explained in an interview with Gwyneth Paltrow her decision to leave the cinema.


Rumor has it that since 2015 Cameron has received more than one lucrative offer from directors, but she has turned them all down, despite the multimillion-dollar royalties. The celebrity herself admitted in numerous interviews that she has no regrets.


However, fans of the star of "Charlie's Angels," "Once Upon a Time in Vegas," "Vacation Swap" and others have a huge reason to rejoice. After a break of more than eight years, Diaz was finally spotted on the set. To return to the movies after a long pause, the actress chose a project from Netflix with a rather symbolic name - "Back in Business".


This will be an action comedy film starring Cameron Diaz. Tom Brady and Jamie Foxx also joined her on the set. Production of the film, directed by Seth Gordon, began in November 2022 and is now in the active phase. So it is safe to assume that in late 2023 or early 2024, we will again be able to admire Diaz on the big screens. The streaming platform Netflix has not yet disclosed the exact date of the premiere of "Back in Business".


Details about the plot, unfortunately, are also not yet available. However, it is known that the shooting is taking place, in particular, in London.

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