Why a wife should not cut her husband's hair: the essence of superstition

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Can a wife cut her husband's hair

There are many superstitions associated with haircutting, and one long-standing belief is that a wife should not cut her husband's hair.

Additionally, it was believed that cutting one's hair should be avoided, as it could lead to powerlessness and a loss of energy. OBOZREVATEL has delved into the essence of this superstition.

A man's haircut is much simpler than a woman's; sometimes, a simple clipper shave is sufficient. Some men, in an attempt to save money on a visit to the hairdresser, entrust this task to their wives.

However, tradition has long held that this is not the right thing to do. According to observations, if a wife cuts her husband's hair herself, the family may experience a period of difficulties and negative changes. Quarrels may arise, and there might be a lack of mutual understanding and respect in the home. Great-grandmothers used to say that a woman can cut other people's husbands' hair without consequences, but not her own.

Bioenergy experts claim that hair accumulates human energy. When a loved one cuts the ends, the bioenergy fields may come into conflict, leading to impulsive quarrels.

According to another folk belief, a wife can "cut off" her life force by cutting her husband's hair, attributed to issues of trust. When a man's hair is cut by a stranger, his energy field appears to "close" inward. Next to his wife, the man relaxes, automatically "sharing" his energy, vitality, spiritual experience, etc.

The most radical version suggests that by cutting her husband's hair, the wife "steals" years of life from him. Whether you believe in superstitions or not is your choice. However, if you treat your husband with love, care, and kindness, it is unlikely that a haircut will bring any negativity to the family.

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