Who will be on top? Astrologers reveal the secrets of the perfect Valentine's Day for all signs

The element of your zodiac sign will tell you how to ignite passion on a date

Have you ever noticed that on the eve of Valentine's Day and on the holiday itself, the number of quarrels and conflicts between lovers increases? Some attribute this to the pressure of society to maintain a festive mood at all costs, while astrologers say it's the bad date.

The fact is that Valentine's Day falls on the season of Aquarius, a sign that values its autonomy and independence above all else. Astrology experts say that this cannot but affect the atmosphere of this day. It would be much better if the holiday was celebrated on February 18 or later, when romantic and dreamy Pisces comes into its own.

However, this year the planet of passion Mars will conjunct Pluto, the patron saint of carnal desires, on February 14. That's why the holiday will radiate a bright sexual potential. Casual conversations or direct glances can quickly lead to a flare-up of mutual attraction. Be prepared for this and treat any developments responsibly.

But also keep in mind that Mars conjunct Pluto can also provoke passion of a different order - leading to explosive quarrels and conflicts. That's why the line between love and hate will be especially thin today. Do your best not to cross it.

To spend the holiday well and get the most out of it, pay attention to the element of the sign you were born under. This will tell you how to behave on this Valentine's Day to direct its fire in the right direction

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Fire signs are no strangers to fearless self-expression, but this Valentine's Day, you'll be especially seductive with your words. Describe in vivid detail what you want your loved one to do with you, and tell them what you plan to do in return. Start with sexting, which will ignite the fire even before you actually meet. Be naughty, no matter how many people are on your date night - just you or the whole company. Just make sure you don't violate anyone's boundaries.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Give yourself a little bit of decadence. Remember: elegance doesn't have to be expensive. Don't spend money on something that will get lost in the maelstrom of similar events, such as dinner at a restaurant or going to the movies. Think of something more original - a festive performance, a themed concert in a jazz club, a star show in a planetarium. If you want to stay at home, impress your significant other with your culinary talents. Prepare a light but elegant dinner and then proceed with a gourmet dessert to eat in bed. Play games you enjoy and be sensual.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

You want to attract attention, evoke vivid emotions, and not only from your partner, so do it. Arrange a costume date or an original photo shoot, don't hide your feelings in public, and light up with your love on the dance floor. Give both of you the opportunity to open up to each other even better, to see in each other the passion that ignited your love. Think of it as an act of social service that would make St. Valentine himself proud.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

This Valentine's Day, water signs will be interested in displays of strength, paving the way for colorful games. Choose a stop word and explore your own limits of pleasure. If you are the leader in a relationship, today you may be delighted to hand over control to your partner. For those water signs who are hesitant to lead their partner, today is a good day to try taking the lead. Such a role reversal can cause strong emotions, so calculate the time so that you can gently return to your usual state.

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