Who will be lucky in July: detailed horoscope for the month

Love, work, finances or family life: the stars promise some improvement for all signs

July is about to begin and it's a good time to look up to the month ahead. You can find out what it will bring with the help of a detailed horoscope.

Astrologers who have analyzed the planetary transits for July say that Virgo and Sagittarius will enjoy career successes and Gemini will enjoy family life. Find out what the stars portend for the other signs next.


You'll succeed in any job you take on this month, but beware of lending or borrowing money. The ideal activity for you will be decorating your home. In general, there will be harmony for you in your home life, as you will begin to understand your partner better. You may encounter competitors or opponents this month, but you will be able to defeat them. Also for Aries the chances of getting a new job are high. Communication with family and friends will lift your spirits, and personal problems will finally be solved. If you've been thinking about some big project for a long time, give it a go.


Anything that you haven't been able to finish for a long time can finally be completed in July. You'll be very focused at work and start to see clearly how your ideas and decisions affect your colleagues and your overall business. You may want to work on new projects. Feel free to take on them. But don't give many details about these endeavors, especially to outsiders. Your strategy for strengthening your financial position will bear good fruit. In relationships with loved ones, the stars promise you a lot of warmth. Reach out to them when you get tired of work, which is very likely in July.


Your emotionality will increase in July, but this will have a surprising effect on your family life, which will only make you happier. You can get great opportunities at work. Focus on them and don't miss any, as the stars promise you success. Even your competitors will want to befriend you because of it. Also enjoy an active social life and feel free to make new acquaintances. Exercise caution when dealing with administrative and bureaucratic issues as well.


Your partner will feel a lot of tenderness and gratitude towards you, so try to reciprocate and this will bring you very close. You will have great chances in your work, especially for those Cancerians who are engaged in business. If you have money to spare, consider investing, such as buying profitable assets. Avoid harshness and rudeness in personal communication. Your politeness will help you to gain the support of experienced and influential people in particular. The month should also be fruitful for creativity.


If you're looking for a job, you'll be lucky in July. Respond to all offers and you'll find the perfect place. Rely on the support of your partner in difficult moments. But don't rush into big decisions; think things through well before you take a decisive step. Hard work will bring you good results. But don't forget to take care of your health, don't ignore your body signals in any case. If you need help, ask your friends first. They will know what can get you out of a tight spot.


In July, beware of making emotional decisions. You have some important choices to make this month, so try to turn off your emotions as you ponder the consequences. They can also let you down in personal interactions. So a cool head is the most important thing you'll need in the coming weeks. If you've been working to increase your profits in previous months, now you can finally get what you want. Plus, the experience you're currently gaining will help you develop further in your work.


Maintaining a balance between work, family and friends is something you'll have to work on in July. Devote as much time as possible to social activities, as people need to know you. It will benefit both them and you. Family life for Libra will develop happily, so the stars advise being at home more often. This will fill you up with resources and help you have a good rest, which in turn will inspire you to go back to old unfinished conflicts and cases and finally put a final end to them. Representatives of the sign can also expect a marriage proposal.


You've been wanting to try going abroad to study for a long time. And now is the right time. But beware of competitors. They will be very active in July and can seriously hurt you. There will be a period of conflict resolution in your family life. Calmly deal with everything that has been bugging you, and you will open a new page in the relationship with your partner. Your positive mood will help you develop your career. Think about what you can do to improve your financial situation. After all, you are experiencing a shortage of money. One good option is to start new projects.


You should focus on making your opinions clear. Your loved ones are sometimes at a loss as to what you just said to them. So try to find common ground with them. And beware of arguments and conflicts. You could get a promotion if you are focused and goal-oriented at work. If you have long wanted to express your love to someone you care about, do it. You will feel relieved and very likely receive reciprocation. Most likely, you will realize your dream very soon. Keep moving towards it, even if you feel like your hopes are in vain.


Overtime work may be thrust upon you. Take it easy. It may open an unexpected door for you. Capricorns may get some important news in July. Try to keep the details to yourself, especially if it involves other people. Treat your partner with gifts if possible. You've been missing pleasant moments in communication for a long time, so it's time to fix it. That's how you'll create a festive mood for each other. The stars also advise to strictly control your anger.


Your reputation in society will strengthen this month. All because of your benevolent and full of respect attitude towards people. Keep it up. Recognition at work awaits you as well. But if you have to make any decision, think twice. If you're getting an education, focus on it specifically. Give your free time to your friends, as they'll be the ones who bring you an interesting job offer, introduce you to someone special or change your life for the better.


If you were worried that you once gained knowledge that you never needed, in July you'll finally be able to find a use for it. And it will make you proud of yourself. But try not to get too high on such success, as your dismissive attitude and sarcasm can hurt your loved ones. Their role in your life is growing now. Be proactive at work. After a long pause, you'll start moving forward again. Pisces can expect pleasant gifts this month.

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