Who should not be taken as godparents: folk omens


Choosing godparents for a child - a very responsible thing, because they should be responsible for the spiritual development of the little man. That is why people approached it very seriously and created a lot of rules governing the selection of godparents.

OBOZREVATEL found out who can not and who can be invited to this honorary role. As well as existing omens associated with godparents.

Who can not be a godparent?

According to folk rules, only mature, mature people have the right to baptize a child. They should be aware of the intricacies of the Christian religion and pass on to the child the correct vision of life. Therefore, they do not take them as godparents:

  • girls under the age of 14;
  • boys under the age of 15;
  • monks and nuns;
  • married couples;
  • people with mental illness;
  • Representatives of other religions (Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hare Krishnas, etc.);
  • Atheists and agnostics.

What superstitions exist regarding godparents

There is a belief that the godmother cannot be an unmarried woman and the godfather cannot be a bachelor. According to superstition, a child can take away their happiness. But the church does not approve of this approach and allows unmarried people to be godparents.

Some fear that a pregnant woman cannot baptize a child. They say it would take away the vitality of her unborn baby. But there is no church prohibition on this either, so it is pure superstition.

In any case, with all doubts and concerns about the election of godparents, it is recommended to contact the priests. They will definitely help to select responsible people for this role. And tell about all the nuances and peculiarities of the sacrament.

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