Who is Huggy Wuggy and why children love the toothy monster. Psychologists have made it clear

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Psychologists commented on the popularity of Hagi Wagi

The hero of the popular horror game about a toy killer named Huggy Wuggy, surprisingly, found a response not only among those who like to tickle their nerves at the computer, but also among preschoolers. Children are happy to play with the blue monster with three rows of sharp teeth and a triangular head, while parents wonder how safe such characters are for the kids' psyche.

However, psychologist Olena Naumenko advises not to rush to conclusions, but to understand in more detail what exactly Hagi Wagi is for children. She shared her thoughts withLiga Life journalists (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photo).

According to the expert, the toy seems dangerous, in particular, because of the three rows of sharp teeth that are associated with aggression.

Hagi Wagi - the hero of the horror game

"Most parents have read about the game on the Internet, where Hagi Wagi himself is from, so they have an opinion about what a scary monster he is. Children perceive it differently. He is bright and in colors that do not "cause" danger. And the teeth are a smile. For them, Hagi Wagi is something soft and fluffy that they can hug," the psychologist explained.

Toy has become popular among children

It is worth adding that the computer game's plot involves the protagonist going to an abandoned factory where, as a result of an accident, the good hero Hagi Wagi has turned into a deadly character. He stalks his victim and tries to "hug her to death". These words are heard in the song that accompanies the monster on the screen.

However, the furry horror character has gained popularity among children aged 3 to 7. Olena Naumenko suggested that kids see him as just a bright and soft toy, and Ukrainian preschoolers may even consider Hagi Wagi a defender in the context of a full-scale war.

Children fell in love with the blue monster

"He has a lot of teeth, so attentive adults can play up the fears of children who are afraid to go into the shelter or are scared of sirens. Like, look, you have a Hagi Wagi, that's what kind of teeth he has. He will definitely be able to protect you," the psychologist said.

However, not all opinions about the triangular-headed monster are so positive. For example, educator Olena Protasova recommends that parents protect preschoolers from Hagi Wagi so that they do not accidentally stumble upon 16+ content

Olena Protasova recommends parents to throw away the toy

A similar opinion was expressed by the host of the YouTube channel NEBO ON. According to her, the toy monster can cause associations with another horror character, the triangular-headed executioner.

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