Who hangs up first: telephone etiquette

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Etiquette of telephone conversations

As technology evolves, so do the rules of etiquette. Business communication is impossible without the use of the phone - gadgets help to resolve issues more quickly.

Negotiations are conducted over the phone, orders are given, consultations are provided, and meetings are arranged. OBOZ.UA has collected the most useful rules of telephone etiquette that not everyone knows about.

Rule 1

During business negotiations, it is not recommended to put the phone on the table. It's better to keep it temporarily in your pocket or bag - unless you're expecting an urgent message or call, of course.

Rule 2

Don't constantly switch your attention to your smartphone during meetings. Warn in advance if you are expecting an important call. Pick up the phone after apologizing to the person you are talking to.

Rule 3

Do not raise your voice or try to speak too loudly when answering a call. The speakers of modern smartphones are very sensitive, and if background noise interferes with the conversation, you can always call back later.

Rule 4

The worst form of bad manners is to write messages under the table during negotiations or meetings, or to scroll through the news or social media feed "conditionally unnoticed."

Rule 5

Calling about work issues should be done during business hours. Each person sets the rules for personal communication on their own, but try not to disturb colleagues or management early in the morning or late at night, unless it's a force majeure case.

Rule 6

Avoid loud phone conversations in public places: not everyone wants to hear your personal dramas or work problems.

Rule 7

If the connection is suddenly interrupted, the initiator of the call should call back, according to etiquette. Always ask if the other person is free to talk, instead of immediately stating the issue at hand.

Rule 8.

Etiquette experts advise to immediately say hello when answering a call, because words like "hello," "yes," and "listening" do not carry any meaning. It is better to add a greeting: "hello, good afternoon", "yes, hello", etc.

Rule 9

If you are an employee of a company and you receive a call about a certain issue, you should not say "I don't know". It is better to say: "let me find out about this issue", "can you wait a little while until I find out the necessary information?", "your question requires a detailed study, we will call you back", etc.

Rule 10

There are no clear rules for ending a conversation, but etiquette experts say that it is better when the call initiator ends the conversation, and in business negotiations, a senior person.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA told you what five rules of etiquette are usually violated by all "zoomers".

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