Which zodiac signs are the most moody: rarely in a good mood

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It is difficult for these signs to cope with emotions

You probably know the type of person who seems to get up on the wrong side of the bed every day. They are always dissatisfied with something, irritable, won't miss a chance to criticize something, and don't want to spend time with others. They like to keep to themselves, watch everything from the sidelines and lead a private life.

Astrologers say that some zodiac signs are more prone to this behavior than others. And they even made a kind of rating - from just moody to almost unbearable. Find out if you're on the list.


Aquarians prioritize their independence and time alone. If you interfere with this, it will obviously irritate them. They don't like to have their routine disrupted and their methods interfered with. Therefore, when their daily activities get even a little bit out of control, they become nervous. If you don't give an Aquarius time to reset and recharge after this, they can be quite difficult to get along with.


The dual nature of this sign makes it easy for them to adapt to any circumstances and conditions. But at the same time, Gemini is also prone to mood swings. They can be noticeably irritable when they are not listened to or even understood. In addition, representatives of the sign tend to overthink the motives of other people and get nervous because of this. Geminis can also lose their mood when they are bored and lack social interaction.


This sign is ruled by the Moon, so the emotions and feelings experienced by Cancers are extremely powerful, sometimes even excessive. They become irritated when they feel that they do not receive enough emotional support from others. Physical discomfort, such as hunger or fatigue, can also significantly spoil a Cancer's mood. Therefore, you need to take care of them if you don't want to see a perpetually dissatisfied person next to you.


Capricorns, like anyone else, want to be loved, but their energy is not always warm and attractive. Only the closest people know that they actually have a soft side to their personality. Others offend them with their indifferent attitude. At the same time, Capricorns cannot realize that this attitude is a mirror response to their own indifference. All of this makes them irritated. And the more irritated they become, the fewer people want to get close to them, and it's not easy to break this cycle. Capricorns need to open up more and show their vulnerability so that people see their kindness, not their moodiness.


The innate quality of Virgos to pay attention to every little thing and be practical leads them to become picky and moody. And when something starts to fall out of their control, it can cause them a real wave of indignation. At the same time, representatives of this sign have to constantly fight indecision and anxiety. An effective way to calm Virgo is to put the situation in their hands.


Even in adulthood, Aries tend to behave in a childish way. They often act impulsively, under the influence of a burst of emotion, and are easily stressed. This can make them grumpy and difficult to communicate with. And sometimes even aggressive. After another explosion, Aries often regret their reactivity, but it is difficult for them to learn from their mistakes and change their behavior.

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