Which pet is right for you according to your zodiac sign: zoo horoscope

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The stars can tell you the best animal choice for you

Choosing a pet is often a matter of habit. Whichever one we get used to more since childhood, which one we like to take care of, we are happy to have around. But this is not the only possible way.

For example, you can proceed from the characteristics of your zodiac sign. Astrologers have identified character traits that distinguish all 12 signs, and you can use them to guide you when choosing a future pet. Here are the animals that suit our horoscope.


An energetic and courageous Aries, capable of showing leadership and initiative, needs a suitable companion. Large breed dogs are best suited for him - Labradors, Mastiffs, Rottweilers, Great Danes, etc. It is a challenge for Aries to gain the respect of such an animal.


Taurus, like no other, loves to feel the world by touch. At the same time, they are constantly doing something. Therefore, representatives of this sign will be well advised to choose small fluffy dogs that require simple care - small poodles or Pomeranian spitzes. However, they can also pay attention to cats or fish.


The innate sociability of Gemini requires a suitable animal in the house. If it is not a cat that responds to every phrase of its owner, or a dog that can listen attentively, then you can give preference to large parrots such as ara or jacco. You can teach them to talk and get a funny companion.


An innate family man, a caring Cancer can get almost any animal. And everyone will be happy - both the owner and his wards. Even giant achatina snails will make Cancer happy with how well they grow.


Leos' penchant for extravagance can lead to a rather unexpected choice of pet. It can be a bald cat or a giant Maine Coon, or something exotic like a python or spider.


Virgo is the most meticulous and neat sign of all. Therefore, animals that make a mess and are prone to chaotic behaviour are not their choice. This sign will get along better with a domestic cat, which they will love and spoil.


Libras love to be in company. Therefore, they need animals that are appropriate - capable of attracting attention and serving as a pretext for acquaintance. At the same time, the smallest creature should be pleasing to the eye of its owner. Therefore, a dog of a decorative breed or a cat or even a variety of birds should appeal to Libra.


Scorpio's craving for shocking things may well result in a desire to have an exotic animal. At the same time, caring for reptiles, predatory fish, or large birds such as an owl or raven will bring them real pleasure.


Sagittarians value social connections and status and have a high level of energy. Therefore, they need a prestigious pet that they can take care of a lot and with pleasure. It can be a highly purebred dog with which you can participate in exhibitions, or even a racehorse.


Practical and ambitious Capricorn will be happy to demonstrate their best qualities in training an animal. Therefore, representatives of this sign will definitely like smart dogs that can learn commands and be perfectly obedient. These are breeds such as Border Collie, German Shepherd, Labrador, or Papillon.


Mysterious Aquarians need equally mysterious pets. They are silent, not prone to emotions, but at the same time spectacular. Turtles and lizards or various fish will be a good choice for this sign.


Relaxed and dreamy Pisces love a good rest and do not like to exert themselves in vain. The ideal animal for them is a cat that will lie next to them on the couch and show them everything: "Let's relax some more."

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