Which indoor plants can be gifted: what they symbolize

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Aloe vera symbolizes wealth

Houseplants are always an ideal gift. They are more practical than ordinary bouquets and can decorate any interior. However, few people know that some flowers have a symbolic meaning.

Since ancient times, plants have been endowed with unique qualities: some flowers are believed to bring peace and harmony to the home, while others are said to protect against illness and become a real talisman for the family. Read OBOZREVATEL's article to find out which houseplants to choose as a gift and what they mean.

A flower of love and peace

Spathiphyllum symbolizes love and peace. According to beliefs, this plant brings calm, comfort, and family harmony to the home. Spathiphyllum is quite unpretentious, does not like excessive watering, and feels great in slightly dry soil. The plant will decorate your home with delicate white flowers and glossy dark green leaves. Spathiphyllum grows up to a meter in height and feels best in bright, indirect light.

A flower of good luck 

If you want to wish someone good luck or congratulate them on a significant event at work, give them oxalis, the flower of good luck. Plants with heart-shaped triangular leaves of different shades of green or dark purple will harmoniously fit into the interior. Oxalis has tiny pink or white flowers. The plant is quite fragile, growing up to about 30 cm in height. Due to the high content of ascorbic acid, oxalis is also called sour.

A symbol of money and prosperity

Pilea symbolizes prosperity. It is also called the coin plant or the Chinese money tree. The plant is popularly considered to be the personification of financial stability, material prosperity, and wealth. Indeed, its thin stems and rounded leaves resemble peculiar coins. Superstitious people used to bury a palea's leaf and a few coins in the ground, believing that such a ritual could attract prosperity to the house.

A flower of gratitude

Arrowroot is associated with gratitude. People call it a "prayer plant" because its leaves fold every night, resembling praying hands. The arrowroot symbolizes peace, tranquility, gratitude, and care. It is usually given to mentors: teachers, leaders, and people who are respected. Arrow-root grows best in low to medium light. They should not be watered very often when the top layer of soil is completely dry. The plants grow up to 30 cm in height.

A symbol of protection, health, and healing 

Aloe vera represents healing and protection. This plant has been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. Aloe vera has a healing transparent gel that is added to medicines to treat skin diseases. Aloe vera is a very easy plant to grow. It does not require frequent watering and grows quickly in bright sunlight.

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