Which fertiliser will bring an orchid back to life: you only need one ingredient

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Even a neglected orchid will come to life and bloom with the help of lemon.

An orchid is one of the best decorations for your home when it comes to plants. But many flower lovers are afraid to grow it because of its supposed complexity. In fact, if you ask an experienced gardener how to grow orchids and what to fertilise them with, they will tell you that it's not that complicated, and you can make the best fertiliser for this flower with your own hands.

According to Sharing Ideas, you can feed orchids with an ordinary lemon. It's all about citric acid, which this plant loves so much.

According to the American Orchid Society, the flower naturally coexists with black mould, which lives at its roots and produces this useful substance. In addition, of all the acids that can be used to feed orchids, only citric acid is metabolised completely, so it cannot harm them.

How to water an orchid with lemon

The procedure should be carried out once every week or two. Take a litre of soft, settled water at room temperature or slightly warmer and add one teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice or one gram of citric acid. Mix everything thoroughly.

Now you can water your orchids with this slightly acidified water either by immersing them for 30 minutes or by spraying. Even a somewhat neglected plant should begin to grow new roots and grow vigorously with this care.

How to care for orchid leaves with lemon juice

In addition to feeding orchids well through the roots, lemon can also serve as a leaf cleaner. Mix the juice of the fruit with soft water at room temperature in a 1:1 ratio. Dampen a cotton ball with this solution, squeeze it out, and gently wipe the top of the orchid's leaf plate with it.

This will allow some of the citric acid to enter the plant through the leaf. This procedure should not be carried out too often. Only if necessary, when you see that your orchid has become a little dusty on the leaves. The underside of the leaf should not be wiped.

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