Which dogs are the most dangerous: they can even attack the owner

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These dogs have an aggressive nature

Each breed of dog has its own characteristics: Labradors, for example, get along well with children, German Shepherds are loyal and obedient, and St Bernards are very patient and easy to train. Many dogs are prone to aggression and can even attack their owners.

Therefore, when choosing a dog of a fighting breed, you should understand all the risks. OBOZREVATEL has compiled a list of the most aggressive dog breeds that can be dangerous to others.


Rottweilers can be obedient goodies if they are brought up properly from childhood. If you don't do upbringing and training, there is a risk of getting a vindictive and independent dog that will be aggressive. There are many stories of Rottweilers biting or gnawing their owners.


Canary Dog

This is a very independent and wayward breed. You should know that Canary Dogs were bred as a fighting breed for dog fighting. Canaries are very difficult to train. Sometimes only professional dog handlers can do it. In some countries, there is a ban on breeding Canary Dogs because of the very frequent cases of their attacks on people.


Chow Chow

Cute teddy bears can actually turn into aggressive grizzlies. They don't like affection, so if they don't like your touch, they can even bite you. They often attack children if they are annoyed.


American pit bull terrier

According to statistics, these dogs most often attack people. However, this is a very loyal and faithful breed, so if you raise it properly from childhood, a pit bull can become a good friend who will not make a single step without the owner's permission.


Neapolitan Mastiff

Mastiffs make excellent bodyguards. This is a very strong, hardy and brave breed of dog. But there is a significant disadvantage - mastiffs are very jealous. When the owner begins to show feelings for children or a partner, and especially for a person unfamiliar to the Mastiff, the dog can become furious.


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