Which dogs are the bravest: breeds with a strong character

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Rottweilers and German Shepherds are famous for their courage

Among the qualities we value most in dogs, courage occupies a special place. These animals can selflessly protect their human family and be brave helpers.

But which breeds are the bravest? OBOZREVATEL tells you which dogs are distinguished for these qualities.


The ancestors of modern Rottweilers competed in gladiatorial arenas in ancient Rome. Later, these dogs were used to transport goods and protect people's homes and property. Rottweilers are valued for their stable psyche, sharp mind, efficiency and boundless courage. If they attack the enemy, they will not retreat to the last.


The dog of this breed makes it clear that it is not in its nature to be afraid. The animal combines all the best qualities of a bulldog and a mastiff and was bred to help hunters catch poachers, which it did successfully. However, bullmastiffs are aware of their size and strength and therefore try never to provoke conflicts or get involved in them. They show their qualities only when there is a real danger.

Fox terrier

These medium-sized dogs were originally trained to catch rats in houses and outbuildings, and later mastered hunting foxes and badgers. They are ruthless to their prey and have a deadly grip, are not afraid to climb into unfamiliar dark holes and boldly engage in combat with an enemy that exceeds their size. However, this breed cannot be called aggressive - for all its qualities, it is a wonderful family dog.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

These giant shaggy dogs inherited from their ancestors, the Tibetan Great Danes, the ability to make decisions on their own, which helps them a lot in the business of herding sheep in the mountains. Caucasians are excellent watchdogs - they don't trust strangers and have a lightning-fast reaction. However, to channel their energy in the right direction, these dogs need a lot of attention and long, patient training. Otherwise, they may start to show aggression out of place.

Cane Corso

The breed's ancient ancestors took part in bear hunting and lion harassment during gladiatorial battles, and also fought in wars. So you cannot suspect the Cane Corso of cowardice in any way. No conditions can make this dog afraid. Also, this breed has a strong sense of its own territory, to which it does not allow strangers. If not properly trained, the Cane Corso can really grow into a dangerous animal.

West Siberian husky

This is a hunting dog, which means it is very smart. It is a strong and hardy animal that can help its owner hunt even a bear. West Siberian huskies are not afraid to tease a giant animal by biting its paws. They can get so carried away with hunting that they themselves unwittingly become a victim of a bear. Such dogs protect their humans no less selflessly.

German Shepherd Dog

A versatile breed capable of performing any task, it is also one of the most, if not the most, courageous. In the event of danger, these dogs demonstrate absolute coolness and cruelty to the enemy. German Shepherds prove to be excellent bodyguards and can protect their humans even at the cost of their own life and health.

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