Which cats have the most beautiful eyes: photos of amazing breeds

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Beautiful eyes in cats

It's hard to find someone who would be left indifferent to a cat's grace and spontaneity. Each breed has its own characteristic features, but if you choose a pet that will instantly conquer everyone around with its cute appearance, experts advise to pay attention to cats with beautiful eyes.

Yes, there is such a rating. The publication Thatat Сuddy Sat named the breeds of cats that can charm with their deep and magical look.

Devon Rex

Miniature Devon Rexes have a number of characteristic features: large ears, high cheekbones, wavy hair, graceful neck, and incredibly large beautiful eyes. Devon-rax somewhat reminiscent of elves. By the way, the curly hair does not cause allergies. The unusual appearance is combined with affectionate behavior. Devon Rex is very gentle and obedient, they quickly become attached to their owners.


Scottish fold

Folded ears and large expressive amber-colored eyes are a characteristic feature of Scottish cats. It is a friendly, active and playful breed. "Scotsmen" love to spend time with children and be the center of attention.


Persian cat

A Persian cat can be recognized by its incredibly long fur and small nose. They also have very expressive beautiful eyes. It is a very lazy and fastidious breed that seeks comfort and peace.



Ragamuffins have large blue or light green eyes. They are affectionate, active and intelligent. Cats of this breed come in different colors, but they share one characteristic feature - long silky hair.


Burmese cat

Burmese have large blue or brown eyes, a round muzzle, small ears, and a short, soft coat. It is one of the most popular breeds in the world. They are very energetic, so they need exercise and outdoor walks.



The large eyes of the Singapura cat emphasize its petite physique. The black rim around the eyes seems to make them even bigger. This is the smallest breed of domestic cat. Singaporas love active games and have a willful but kind character.



The tonkinese cat was bred as a result of crossing Burmese and Siamese breeds. A characteristic feature is the large blue eyes. They are elegant cats with an obedient disposition that make excellent companions.


Abyssinian Cat

The slender, graceful, elegant and elegant cats of this breed impress with their aristocratic appearance. They have large almond-shaped eyes and pointed ears. The graceful physique with long legs and rounded paws adds to the "zest".



Sphinxes round out the ranking of cats with beautiful eyes. Often sphynxes are chosen by people who are allergic to fur. But, according to experts, Sphynxes cannot be called a hypoallergenic breed, because histamines are contained in their saliva.


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