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These breeds helped guard human property from mice on land and sea.

Man's friendship with the cat began with mutual benefit. And all because of the fluffy creature's ability to catch mice. Cats guarded human homes and supplies from rodents, and people increasingly fell in love with the beautiful and independent creatures, capable of being not only formidable predators, but also gentle and affectionate companions.

This property cats have retained until now. OBOZREVATEL tells about seven breeds that are best able to protect your home or cottage from mice.

Maine Coon


Giant cats native to North America protected entire huge ranches from the invasion of rodents. And since ancient times they did it very successfully. They have not lost this skill, even becoming an ornament of cat shows.

Siamese cat


This ancient breed for hundreds of years of existence has never lost its popularity. There are several reasons for this. One of them, of course, is the beautiful blue eyes, which can be admired endlessly. Another is the ability to exterminate not only mice, but also rats.

American Shorthair Cat


These gray cats were brought to the American continent by British sailors. They took them with them on voyages to protect their cargo from rodents. The furry ones did the job brilliantly. And at the same time managed to be the favorite of the entire crew.

Siberian cat


This large breed looks somewhat clumsy, but this is an illusion. Siberians are so nimble hunters that they manage to feed themselves even in the long and snowy winter. And they can catch not only mice, but larger prey as well.



Another seabird cat. This time from the Isle of Man between England and Ireland. Menches were excellent at catching mice not only in the holds of ships, but also on farms. That's why they earned such popularity with people.

Japanese Bobtail


In ancient times, these tailless felines were entrusted with a very responsible task - they protected silk production from rodents. And they coped very well with it in order to protect valuable raw materials and expensive goods. In addition, they turned out to be very gentle companions.



The muscular physique of this French cat speaks for itself - the chartreuse is ready to go hunting at any moment. They were bred in monasteries near Paris, where monks could, for example, produce cheese, the favorite food of mice. Cartesian cats perfectly solved this problem and at the same time gave their owners their affection.

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