Which cat breeds are best suited for an apartment: gentle and clean-loving

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Siamese, Burmese, and British cats will make wonderful pets.

Any cat will be happy at home if it is properly cared for and not subjected to unnecessary stress. However, some breeds will feel better in a small city apartment than other felines due to their nature.

OBOZREVATEL tells you what these breeds are. And about the peculiarities of their maintenance.

Siamese cat


It is one of the oldest breeds that has lived alongside humans for hundreds of years, so it is used to being an ideal companion. People adore Siamese because of its blue eyes and gentle, though independent, nature. Such a cat will not be very happy to be contacted under duress and may even fight back, but will be happy to be near you and lie warmly in your arms of its own free will. Siamese can be very talkative, but they need an "interlocutor" for this - they are not inclined to shout for no reason.

Persian cat


The phlegmatic nature of these furry creatures makes it impossible for them to live outside. They do not like to run and jump, but prefer to be close to people and watch them do their business. The downside of this character is that they do not tolerate loneliness. The fluffy breed also needs combing and care of the eyes and nose.

Abyssinian cat


Beautiful miniature cats have a distinctive graceful appearance and a rather lively character. They adore contact with people, are often very affectionate, and are not afraid of guests. But at the same time, they like to run a lot and climb high. If you provide them with a comfortable vantage point under the ceiling, they will be happy to spy on you and sometimes take part in your activities. However, it is important to make sure that the Abyssinian cat does not jump out of the window.

Burmese cat


In addition to all the advantages of the Siamese breed, Burmese have a semi-long coat and an even friendlier disposition. They are very calm and attentive to their owner's voice. Cats of this breed love physical contact and can sit in your arms for hours. Burmese are social, participate in all household chores, and get along well with children. Sometimes they require attention and ask to play with them.

Maine Coon


Officially, it is the largest breed among domestic cats. Growing up to 10 kg is not a problem for a male Maine Coon. Therefore, it seems that they need huge spaces. In fact, they feel quite comfortable in a standard apartment. Maine Coons are calm and friendly creatures who love to sleep next to their people. The main thing is to immediately stop trying to jump on the bed at night from a height, because with their size, it can be traumatic.



Cats of this breed love warmth like no other and do not tolerate drafts, so they can be happy only at home. Burmese are extremely intelligent and loyal to their owners, almost like dogs. This is a strong and agile breed, so you need to provide this cat with a lot of activities and toys. At the same time, it will generously give its owners its love.

American Shorthair cat


It is a playful breed, but it is equally happy to lie quietly on a windowsill and study people's behaviour without interfering with their business. Americans are patient with children and enjoy human company. They are usually not aggressive and are happy to catch all sorts of gifts for their humans, from flies to mice. It is a good friend who will not mind physical contact from time to time.



The name of this breed is translated from English as "rag doll". That's because due to their low muscle tone, Ragdolls seem to go limp if you pick them up. And they love being held the most. They also like to keep people company. They do not tolerate loneliness very well, so they will be ideal companions in a large family. Aggression is not characteristic of these cats at all; at the same time, they are sociable with people and other animals.



Funny cats with short hind legs and often no tail give the impression of being incapable of aggression. And so it is. Manxes are very attached to the people they live with and can even get sick if left alone for a long time. Therefore, it is better to keep them paired with another cat or dog. They try to avoid conflicts with other animals and people and will be very friendly to everyone if you do not provoke the animal to aggression.

British Shorthair cat


These plush creatures were literally created to live in a city apartment. They are phlegmatic in temperament and have a balanced character. Due to certain breed characteristics, British Longhairs require careful attention to their health, but in general, this is not too burdensome a task for a caring owner. The British pay for their care with great affection, although they can sometimes show independence.

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