Whether socks should be turned out while washing: the unexpected answer

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How to wash socks

Laundry is a routine task for housewives, where they load dirty clothes into the machine without hesitation and start the appropriate mode. But most people don't even realize that they are making a common mistake that can negatively affect the way things look and even their health.

This applies to washing socks, at first glance, there is nothing complicated here, but one important rule must be followed. OBOZ.UA learned more about it.

Socks must be turned out before loading them into the drum. Most people think that the outside is dirtier, but the inside is in constant contact with the skin, i.e. it absorbs sweat, skin cells, germs and other contaminants.

Therefore, if you do not turn the socks out, the dirt will remain inside and this can lead to various diseases. Of course, there will be no visible stains or pungent odor, but some bacteria or germs may remain inside.

In such a simple way, you will not only wash your socks thoroughly and efficiently, but also preserve their color and material, and they will look like new.

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